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This test case tests whether display rotation work successfully with the Radeon driver.

How to test

  1. Connect as many displays as you can to the available ports on your display adapter
  2. Ensure the 'nomodeset' kernel parameter is not enabled in your bootloader configuration
  3. Ensure the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf does not exist, or is a known-good configuration file that uses the 'radeon' driver
  4. Shut your system down entirely, then start it up again
  5. Verify that the graphical environment starts correctly and shows the same screen on each display (clone mode)
  6. Open a console and run the command xrandr. Take a copy of the results
  7. Run the GNOME display configuration tool, gnome-display-properties. Try rotating the primary display - change the Rotation drop down and hit apply
  8. Try and change back to the normal orientation

Expected Results

  1. The rotation should apply correctly and the rotated screen should display with no artifacts. Returning to the normal orientation should also work smoothly with no artifacts