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Monthly References

Note: meeting notes aren't regularly updated.


General guidelines

  • Significant features should be targeted to Spring releases due to heavy travel during summer

F25 Committed Tools Changes

Deliverable Change? Infra Ticket? Approval Status Dev Status Notes
Layered image builds Y N Accepted Done
Content signing can be automated Y ? n/a Done
Koji: Koji hub consolidation groundwork N Y n/a Done -
New Releng Deliverable: Windows & OSX tools in Fedora Y Y Change Incomplete Done
Container Signing in Sigul N N n/a Done
Taskotron: Support for container testing Y N - In Progress -
Ansible: Docker 2 week build/test/release workflow automated via Ansible Y Y Accepted In progress -
OSBS has redundancy and support for multi-master / multi-node N Y n/a In Progress -

F25 Nice to Have Tools Changes

Deliverable Approval Status Dev Status Notes
ARM Disk Images, aarch64 and PXE2Live are created using LMC n/a Not started Hope to look into arm & aarch64 in October
Atomic ostree repo management - In progress

F26 Proposed Tools Changes

Deliverable Change? Approval Status Dev Status Notes
Updated layered image repo structure (Container naming, koji tags, etc) N n/a Done
Kerberos support in koji, fedpkg, OSBS N n/a Done
Public hardware for AutoCloud N N Done
Taskotron: Support for container testing Y N - In Progress -
Ansible: Docker 2 week build/test/release workflow automated via Ansible Y Y Accepted In progress -
Fedora dockerfiles support for Beta Y n/a Not started
Pungi changes to allow non-blocking artifacts to fail without failing the compose N n/a In progress
Distgit: Check when people add Exclude/ExclusiveArch to packages, notify the arch teams N n/a In progress
F26 Hub consolidation: aarch64 & Power64 koji merged; prep to import s390x in F27 ? ? In progress
Move releng, mash & pungi from yum to dnf (required before python3) N n/a In Progress
Deploy koji signed repo support - scope work for Pungi & Bodhi to use it Y Y In progress Pending final PR for Koji
OSBS: Fedora Docker Registry Y ? Not started
add index.asc files for cloud images for virt-builder Y ? Not started
Ansible: Atomic 2 week build/test/release workflow automated N n/a Not started
Koji support for disk images N n/a Not started
ostree mirroring ? ? Not started
Bodhi: Design for supporting for containers N n/a Not started
Automate 2 week Power ostree releases & testing N n/a Not started Enablement should be flexible enough to support generic arch going forward
Module Build Service Y ? Slaying Factory 2.0
Modular Compose Y ? Not started Factory 2.0

F26 Nice to Have Changes


Note: Backlog items are not necessarily complete or groomed; if you have questions about the goal of these items, ask the team!

  • DVD ISO support in Koji - F27
  • Move to createrepo_c (required before python3) - F27
  • Port to python 3 - Pungi, Mash, releng scripts, fedpkg, rpkg, etc - F27
  • Bodhi: Support for non-rpm content
  • Move base image builds to OSBS - F27 (dependent on Multi-arch support)
  • Automate security updates (in addition to 2 week updates) for containers using automated workflow - Review for F27
  • Rel-eng: Segment nightly composes more logically
  • flatpak prototype
  • Rocket base images
  • Documentation of rel-eng process so that internal release engineers can contribute
  • Development & Deployment Process Improvement / Standardization
  • Container test status results reported from Taskotron via fedmsg / email / UI
  • Test automation for Atomic in Taskotron (?)
        • Integration with UAT Framework
        • Integration with Autocloud OR porting functionality & tests to Taskotron
        • Integration with Tunir OR porting functionality & tests to Taskotron
        • Integration with OpenQA
      • Move ostree creation out of Bodhi
  • RHEL process checks done internally that should also be done in Fedora (ie license checking, rpmdiff / static analysis, etc)
  • Ability to create embargoed builds in tools (at least koji & bodhi) and lift the embargo after release so that security can get embargoed changes out quickly
  • rel-eng scripts cleanup
  • rel-eng tools are not easily testable or contributed to
  • changes can be tested in an integrated environment before releasing to production
  • Critical system / use case integration with gilmsg where appropriate in release tooling
  • Development release gating with sanity testing / stability
  • Layered images _not_ from RPMs — source-to-image or other
  • Releng CI (on Jenkins)