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Monthly References

Note: meeting notes aren't regularly updated.


General guidelines

  • Significant features should be targeted to Spring releases due to heavy travel during summer

F26 Proposed Tools Changes

Deliverable Change? Approval Status Dev Status Notes
Updated layered image repo structure (Container naming, koji tags, etc) N n/a Done
Kerberos support in koji, fedpkg, OSBS N n/a Done
Public hardware for AutoCloud N N Done
Distgit: Check when people add Exclude/ExclusiveArch to packages, notify the arch teams N n/a Done
Bodhi: Design for supporting for containers N n/a Done
Taskotron: Support for container testing Y N Done
Fedora dockerfiles support for Beta Y n/a Done
F26 Hub consolidation: aarch64 & Power64 koji merged; prep to import s390x in F27 Y Y Done
Atomic ostree repo management N n/a Done
OSBS has redundancy and support for multi-master / multi-node N n/a In Progress Redundancy in place; pending scale testing
Ansible: Docker 2 week build/test/release workflow automated via Ansible Y Accepted In progress -
Pungi changes to allow non-blocking artifacts to fail without failing the compose N n/a In progress
Move releng, mash & pungi from yum to dnf (required before python3) N n/a In Progress
OSBS: Fedora Docker Registry Y ? In progress
Move from Appliance Creator to Image Factory N n/a Not started
Support for non x86_64 ostrees as part of standard build & release process N n/a Not started Required before F26 GA
Module Build Service Y ? Slaying Factory 2.0
Modular Compose Y ? Not started Factory 2.0


Note: Backlog items are not necessarily complete or groomed; if you have questions about the goal of these items, ask the team!

F27 Candidates


  • Rel-eng: Segment nightly composes more logically
  • flatpak prototype
  • Rocket base images
  • Documentation of rel-eng process so that internal release engineers can contribute
  • Development & Deployment Process Improvement / Standardization
  • Container test status results reported from Taskotron via fedmsg / email / UI
  • Test automation for Atomic in Taskotron (?)
        • Integration with UAT Framework
        • Integration with Autocloud OR porting functionality & tests to Taskotron
        • Integration with Tunir OR porting functionality & tests to Taskotron
        • Integration with OpenQA
      • Move ostree creation out of Bodhi
  • RHEL process checks done internally that should also be done in Fedora (ie license checking, rpmdiff / static analysis, etc)
  • Ability to create embargoed builds in tools (at least koji & bodhi) and lift the embargo after release so that security can get embargoed changes out quickly
  • rel-eng scripts cleanup
  • rel-eng tools are not easily testable or contributed to
  • changes can be tested in an integrated environment before releasing to production
  • Critical system / use case integration with gilmsg where appropriate in release tooling
  • Development release gating with sanity testing / stability
  • Layered images _not_ from RPMs — source-to-image or other
  • Releng CI (on Jenkins)