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||  [[It_IT/Releases/13/Features/NFSv4Default |NFSv4 Default ]]||Modificato il protocollo NFS predefinito alla versione 4.  || 100%
||  [[It_IT/Releases/13/Features/NFSv4Default |NFSv4 Default ]]||Modificato il protocollo NFS predefinito alla versione 4.  || 100%
||  [[Features/NFSClientIPv6 | NFS Client IPv6]]|| Support for mounting NFS servers over IPv6
||  [[Features/NouveauDisplayPort | Nouveau DisplayPort ]]||Enhanced support for DisplayPort in X and kernel drivers for NVIDIA hardware
||  [[Features/NouveauDisplayPort | Nouveau DisplayPort ]]||Enhanced support for DisplayPort in X and kernel drivers for NVIDIA hardware

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Questa pagina mostra le caratteristiche che si troveranno nel prossimo rilascio, Fedora 38.

Caratteristiche accettate in Fedora 13

Queste caratteristiche sono state accettate dall'Engineering Steering Committee di Fedora per il rilascio di Fedora 13.

Trattandosi di un work in progress, per conoscere, relativamente a ciascuna feature, la data dell'ultimo aggiornamento e lo stato di completezza, consultare la pagina originale di questo documento.

Nome Sommario % Completezza
at-spi two at-spi accessibility framework gets ported to D-Bus
Automatic Print Driver Installation Pacchetti come gutenprint-cups, hpijs, e foomatic dovrebbero potersi installare su richiesta dell'hardware. 80%
Better Webcam Support Maggior supporto a webcam, in particolare a cam dual mode 50%
ColorManagement GNOME Color Manager is a session framework that makes it easy to manage, install and generate color profiles in the GNOME desktop 90%
Implicit DSO Linking Change ld default to --no-add-needed
IntelliJ IDEA Add Community IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition packages and their dependencies into repositories
KDE44 Rebase to KDE 4.4 and offers new features such as PolicyKit 1 KAuth backend and improved PulseAudio integration
KDE PolicyKit One Qt This feature adds PolicyKit One support to Qt/KDE applications and the KDE desktop 95%
KDE PulseAudio Integration Fedora 13 offre una migliore integrazione di PulseAudio con Phono e KMix del desktop KDE. 100%
Moblin-2.2 Aggiornato a Fedora Moblin 2.2: maggior supporto all'ambiente Netbook. 40%
NetBeans_6.8 Re-base to the NetBeans 6.8
NFSv4 Default Modificato il protocollo NFS predefinito alla versione 4. 100%
Nouveau DisplayPort Enhanced support for DisplayPort in X and kernel drivers for NVIDIA hardware
Python 3 A packaged version of python 3 that installs in parallel with the Python 2 stack
Radeon DisplayPort Esteso il supporto a DisplayPort in X e nel kernel per hardware Radeon. 100%
RPM4.8 Aggiornato RPM ad RPM 4.8 100%
SIP Witch Domain Telephony This feature enables an entirely free software alternative to Skype using standard IETF protocols along with support for direct peer-to-peer secure communications such as possible with ZRTP capable softphones and without need for a mitigating "service provider"
SSSD By Default Include SSSD the default set of base Fedora 13 packages and configure it through authconfig,and firstboot 95%
System Rollback
With Btrfs
Consente backup manuali ed automatici di partizioni 80%
Systemtap Static Probes Systemtap allows event tracing of programs when they have static probes inserted
Sugar_0.88 Provide the latest Sugar Learning Environment, as well as an enhanced activity set, which can be used as a choice in the login screen and possibly a live spin
Upstart0.6.0 Move to the the lastest supported version of Upstart 95%
User Account Dialog Una nuova finestra di dialogo per creare utenti e modificare le informazioni sugli utenti in sistemi mono-utenti o piccoli sistemi. 75%
Xfce48 Update Xfce to the upstream 4.8 release with many new improvements and features
Yum Language Package Plugin Un plugin di yum per installare automaticamente, se disponibili, i pacchetti tradotti nella propria lingua, in fase di installazione dei pacchetti base. 85%
VHostNet Abilitato nel kernel l'accelerazione per reti di KVM 100%
KVM Stable PCI Addresses Permette a dispositivi presenti su guest virtual machines di KVM di mantenere gli stessi indirizzi PCI loro assegnati mentre altri dispositivi sono aggiunti o rimossi dalla configurazione. 100%
NetworkManager Bluetooth DUN NetworkManager now supports easy-to-use Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking (DUN) support 95%
NFS Client IPv6 Support for mounting NFS servers over IPv6 95%
Anaconda Storage Filtering Final pieces of Anaconda storage rewrite 90%
Boost 1.41 Uplift This feature brings version 1.41.0 of Boost to Fedora 13, together with Boost.MPI. As a side effect, Boost will be built with CMake (instead of BJam) 90%
Modprobe Whitelist Add a whitelist of allowed modules and commands to modprobe, to allow the system administrator to limit the amount of (potentially vulnerable) code that can run in the kernel 90%
MultipathInstall Correctly identify and set up multipath devices for use as installation targets 90%
Virtx2apic x2apic is an x86 feature that improves performance, especially on large systems. Virt x2apic is a port of this feature for KVM, improving guest performance, especially for guests with many virtual processors 90%
Virtio-Serial Expose multiple ports to the guest in the form of simple char devices for simple IO between the guest and host userspaces 90%
BFO Use very small images (iso, floppy, disk) to bootstrap a machine that then contacts a remote server for boot information to continue the installation process 80%

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