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Fedora 18 Accepted Features

These features have been accepted by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee for the Fedora 18 Release.


% Complete Name Summary Updated
60% GHC 7.4 Update Fedora Haskell packages to the latest major version 7.4.1 of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler. 2012-05-08
10% KRB5 Credential Cache Move Changes the default location of Kerberos credential cache from living in /tmp/krb5cc_UID_XXXXXX to being /run/user/$USERNAME/krb5cc 2012-02-23
25% KRB5 DIR: Credential Caches Kerberos 1.10 added a new cache storage type, DIR: which allows Kerberos to maintain TGTs for multiple KDCs simultaneously and auto-select between them when negotiating with Kerberized resources. Fedora should switch to using the DIR: cache format over the older FILE: cache format to support accessing mulitple Kerberos realms. 2012-05-01
30% NetworkManager Hotspots This enhancement to NetworkManager will enable easy-to-use AP-mode for supported hardware, which solves compatibility problems and provides a smoother user experience. 2012-01-24
50% New Installer UI Enhancing the anaconda installer with a new user interface, improving both the end-user experience as well as ease of implementation of new features, particularly new storage technologies, for developers. 2012-05-07
0% OpenShift Origin OpenShift Origin is a cloud application platform as a service (PaaS). It is the open-sourced, community-supported version of the OpenShift service. 2012-05-08
100% PCRE 8.30 Upgrade to PCRE (Perl-Compatible Regular Expression) library 8.30 or newer. 2012-02-28
100% procps-ng Migration from legacy procps tools to procps-ng (next generation procps tools) 2012-03-07
0% Rework Package Groups Reorganize how the distribution is constructed. 2012-02-14
0% RPM 4.10 Update RPM to 4.10 2011-12-02
100% /tmp on tmpfs Mount a tmpfs on /tmp by default. (Administrators can override this.) 2012-04-02
20% Usermode Migration Access control of privileged operations for ordinary users should be handled exclusively by a centrally managed authority. Usermode/consolehelper should be phased out and be replaced entirely by PolicyKit. 2012-04-03
100% Xfce 4.10 Updates the Fedora Xfce desktop to version 4.10. This release incorporates major changes to the core of the Xfce desktop environment, and includes numerous bugfixes and improvements. 2012-05-04
100% GlusterFS 3.3 Updates GlusterFS to version 3.3.0. This release adds several new features to the core of GlusterFS and includes numerous bugfixes and improvements. 2012-05-31

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