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Fedora is returning to the annual Southern California Linux Expo!

When and Where?

SCaLE 14X – the 14th annual Southern California Linux Expo – takes place on Jan. 21-24, 2016, at the Pasadena Convention Center


Full event registration is free for booth exhibitors, including Fedora volunteers. A registration code will be provided to Fedora booth exhibitors a couple of weeks prior to the event.


Fedora traditionally has a handful of speakers at the event. If you'd like to give a talk, the Call For Papers is June 10 - Oct 30.


Speakers, add your name, topic, and link here:

Speaker Topic Link
Perry Rivera Intro to Krita: Digital Painting


The exhibition hall has traditionally been open Saturday and Sunday in the past. Since the event is a day longer this year, the exhibition hall may be open on Friday as well?

Fedora Activity Day

Fedora Volunteers

Add your name to the table below:

Name Thurs (21st) Fri (22nd) Sat (23rd) Sun (24th) Comments
Brian Monroe X X X X I have a talk submitted, but planning on doing lots of booth duty.Not staying at the hotel, but carpooling with Scott Williams
Matthew Williams X X X X I have 2 talks submitted 1 about using OBS to produce record/stream video. I also plan to help with the booth. I will be planning to stay in the hotel
Perry Rivera X X X X I will deliver 1 talk about Krita to produce digital art projects. I also intend to help with the booth. I will be planning to stay at a Pasadena hotel.
Alex Acosta X X X X Booth duty for the whole event, supporting Fedora Activity day. Planning to stay at a nearby hotel.
Scott Williams X Saturday only.


  • This section is preliminary and needs a lot of love

General Pricing

  • Parking: $10
  • Hotel: $119/night (Use code "SCALE14XEXPO")

Event Budget

FAD Budget is totally Separate and has to have a purpose and a clearly set of returnables

  • $$$$ is requested
Item Cost 'Bucket' Comments Sub-total Actual
Ambassador team lodging $TBD Ambassador $119/room per night + taxes, 7.5 x 8. lajuggler ($99+$109+$109 + taxes $47.54=$364.54). $989.00
Travel $1030 Ambassador Flights for aacosta ($700), Flights for Lorddrachenblut ($320), Gas for lajuggler ($10) $1030.00
Parking $72 Ambassador Parking for lajuggler ($18*4=$72 [subject to change, per SCaLE website...) $72.00
SCALE sponsorship $750 Ambassador $750.00
Ambassador sub-total $2,799 Ambassador $2,799.00

TBD when event volunteers are finalized.