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== Members ==
== Members ==
<!-- Format is * [[User:FASname|Your Name]] - Your superpowers(like proven packager, sponsor,...) and interest fields or other notes -->
Member list is kept as Pagure group at [ GoSIG].
* [[User:jcajka|Jakub Čajka]] - Go(lang)/GC maintainer
If you want to join, comment in [ the issue] at [ go-sig]. "Please add me" is enough.
* [[User:ngompa|Neal Gompa]]
* [[User:ignatenkobrain|Igor Gnatenko]]
* [[User:asrob|Peter Borsa]]
* [[User:pgier|Paul Gier]]
* [[User:decathorpe|Fabio Valentini]]
* [[User:Kumarpraveen|Praveen Kumar]]
* [[User:qulogic|Elliott Sales de Andrade]]
* [[User:eclipseo|Robert-André Mauchin]]
* [[User:sadin|Zachary Snyder]]
[[Category:Language-specific SIGs]]
[[Category:Language-specific SIGs]]

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A SIG for people interested in using Go on top of the Fedora in any way. Are you interested in building an deploying your Go based Application and Projects on Fedora? Are you interested in packaging Go based applications for Fedora? Are you interested in using Fedora as your system for developing Go based Applications and Projects? Or generally, you want to do anything with Go on Fedora. This is the group for you to share your experiences and concerns and look for help from people with similar interests.

Scope of Action

  • Go packaging and its guidelines
  • Developer experience of Go users

Getting Involved

Come to join us on our mailing list, discourse, IRC channel listed bellow or join/lurk our meetings.

If you want to get even more involved feel free to add yourself into the member's lists down below. This is the wiki, all you need is to have an FAS account.


Discourse Go topic

Mailing List

golang mailing list

IRC Channel

#fedora-golang[?] on



Work trackers



Member list is kept as Pagure group at GoSIG. If you want to join, comment in the issue at go-sig. "Please add me" is enough.