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* [[JaroslavReznik]]
* [[JaroslavReznik]]
* [[JoshBressers]]
* [[JoshBressers]]
* [[User:Mso | Martin Sourada]]
== Joining the SIG ==
== Joining the SIG ==

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Fedora WebKit(s) Special Interest Group


The WebKit SIG (Special Interest Group) is a group of Fedora contributors that maintain WebKit (and partially KHTML) packages in Fedora. Their mission is to provide high-quality WebKit(s) packages to users of WebKit based browsers.



Joining the SIG

Joining the WebKit SIG is as simple as being part of Fedora and being interested in WebKit in general. Once you are a contributor to Fedora, you can join the SIG by adding your name above and communicating with the rest of the team in the usual Fedora channels .

How can I help


There are no regular meetings.

IRC Channel

Feel free to contact SIG members on #fedora-devel or directly via PM.