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Fedora Events: Software Freedom Day

This page aims to be a landing page for all Software Freedom Day events you may search in the Fedora wiki. Feel free to fill it with your local event.

About Software Freedom Day

The Software Freedom Day is a worldwide event which happens once a year, always on the third Saturday in September. In 2012 this will be the 15th of September.

Official Site

Official Site -

Please also consider to register your event in the official Software Freedom Day wiki at if you haven't, yet.

Local Software Freedom Day events in 2012

  • t.b.a.

Local Software Freedom Day Events in the past




Software Freedom Day 2008 materials - Many of these materials were created or provided by Fedora community members. Please make sure your materials are licensed in a way that's appropriate for community re-use and distribution. The Fedora acceptable content licenses are a good rule of thumb.