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Statistics & Metrics

This page contains a variety of statistics about Fedora's usage. The Fedora Project believes that metrics are an important tool .

Fedora 9 (Sulphur)

Sulphur was released on 2008-05-13.

Draft statistics scratch page .

Yum Data

Connections to yum
Week Dates New Unique IPs Total Unique IPs Total compared to Werewolf
Week 1 2008-05-13 -- 2008-05-19 91,847 91,847 114%
Week 2 2008-05-20 -- 2008-05-26 61,415 153,262 103%

Accuracy of metrics

The numbers above for yum represent unique IP addresses that reach our update server, not simply downloads. We believe it is reasonable to equate a "new IP address checking in" with "a new installation of Fedora", with the following caveats:

  1. Users who have dynamic IP addresses will likely be counted multiple times, which inflates the number by some amount.
  2. Users who are behind NAT or corporate proxies will not be counted at all.

The anecdotal evidence that we receive from different groups, companies, and organizations suggests that group (2) is significantly larger than group (1). As such, we believe that the true numbers in the field are higher than the numbers on this page.

Smolt Data

Smolt is Fedora's hardware profiling project. It is an opt-in database that tracks unique installations of Fedora, and various details about that install. People who install to runlevel 5 will be able to opt-in during firstboot, but people who install to runlevel 3 will have to install the smolt client via yum and manually register.


The following table shows the number of downloads that have been made over bittorrent.

Downloads from bittorrent
Bordeaux (FC5) Zod (FC6) Moonshine (F7) Werewolf (F8) Sulphur (F9)
238,320 308,956 268,025 338,546 soon unique visitors visitors
Period Unique IPs
January 2008 785,583
February 2008 782,043
March 2008 830,078
April 2008 723,776

Edits to Fedora wiki

Fedora wiki edits
Period Total edits Edits from unique IPs
October 2007 921 426
November 2007 1,090 472
December 2007 807 378
January 2008 1,170 580
February 2008 1,244 645
March 2008 1,280 705
April 2008 1,283 755

A map of wiki edits worldwide.


A variety of maps showing various statistics.


Information about the number of Fedora Ambassadors .

Legacy Statistics

Older releases and years are here .