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Google's Summer of Code 2007

This year, Fedora is the mentoring organization for 5 projects.


Project Summary Student Mentor
An upstream-friendly l10n Web UI for Fedora DimitrisGlezos KarstenWade
An offline package update/installation facility for Pirut DebarshiRay SankarshanMukhopadhyay
tcconf - A traffic shaping configuration utility for GNU/Linux ChristopherTan StevenPritchard
Fedora Documentation Publishing Platform JonathanSteffan PatrickBarnes
Publication of all man and info pages for each release through a web interface RiaDas JeffSheltren

COSS Summer Code 2007

This is Fedora's first year mentoring a project for COSS 's Summer Code 2007 .


Project Summary Student Mentor
Extend MoinMoin with man and info page publication and editing capabilities. VillePekkaVainio KarstenWade