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what is the meaning of this project? and why there is still no G10N (galaxyzation)?

References for Fedora Globalization


  • The globalization engineering activities are composed of internationalization and localization while the business development activities focus on product management, financial, marketing and legal aspects. Blogs Adobe
  • LISA described Globalization. Bringing to the market the internationalised and localised product or service.
    • Please note LISA has been shut down in 2011. It does not means its work get obsolete by this. LISA has done significant work from 1990 to 2011.
    • Please note "Some people", we are not using globalization as given on W3C page in Fedora.
  • From Fedora point of view G11n is collaboration effort from different operating groups in Fedora. The main focus is to coordinate and support community in #Internationalization (i18n), #Localization (l10n), Zanata and FLTG area to provide effective workflow on Globalisation for Fedora project.
    • This has been agreed by members in Globalization group.