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TODO items (anybody feel free to add/delete)

  • is chrome bug in 'Volumes' still relevant?
  • do we have a prebuilt image available, what danpb has been doing?
    • if so, move oz/tty images to 'additional functionality'
  • qpid-server not pulled in, intentional?
  • hint on how to setup sudo? f16 openstack test day page has one
  • --libvirt_type='qemu' option, convert to openstack-config-set if possible
  • keystone + dashboard cleanup steps
  • keystone should come prepared with nova-volume and glance services out of the box in /etc/keystone/default_catalog.templates . keystone data script probably needs tweaking as well
  • I think we can drop the nova auth section from 'Basic Setup'... we still do 'nova-manage network create', but use the 'nova' tool for keypair setup and instance launching. Someone needs to try it though. (crobinso: besides, doing those auth steps on e3 nova gives me an error: Just running nova-api didn't help. Had to cd /var/lib/nova/CA and run ./
  • Setup the equivalent of 'novarc' but with keystone env? Horizon can generate one from the 'settings' panel, including one for use with the ec2 api.
  • is nbd still required or does libguestfs do this for us?
  • Make sure e4 novaclient let's us drop the stupid --version 1.1 arg for the 'nova' tool, if not we should fix it.
  • crobinso: I already had mysql-server installed with an unknown password, pulled in by random kde stuff. Might want to mention that mysql password can be reset with 'sudo mysqladmin -u root -p password'
  • easy command to check that services are running, since systemd seems pretty async: systemctl list-units --full | grep openstack
  • crobinso: Not sure if I did anything wrong, but when I was in the westford office which has host networking on 10.0.0.* subnet, this recommended config killed my host connectivity. maybe we want to recommend a weirder subnet.
  • all the steps outside of 'Basic Setup' need a review