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This is an initial guide to getting started with contributing to taskotron, please let us know if you find any errors in this document or if something doesn't make sense


Getting the Code

For now, all taskotron related code is on bitbucket. You can find most of the needed repositories under the fedoraqa team.

Other repos which are potentially of interest are:

If you need team membership, send a message out to qa-devel@ or file a ticket in phabricator against the infrastructure project.

Getting the Tools

A general list of the tools we are using (read: should be installed on dev machines) and available in the Fedora repos are:

  • git
  • py.test
  • gitflow


Gitflow is a git branching strategy that has been used successfully in the blocker tracking app and several Fedora infra apps.

Use the develop branch
When using gitflow, the current in-development branch is develop, not master. Be careful not to start developing against an older branch


For instructions on installing and using the 'Arcanist' tool to submit changes for review, see the Contributing page on the Phab wiki.

As we are using code linting, you will also need the flake8 tool - run sudo dnf install python-flake8 to install it.

General Thoughts and Conventions

These will be fleshed out more in the near future but in general:

  • Be smart
  • All code going into develop branches MUST be reviewed
  • All code should have good unit tests where appropriate
    • When in doubt, ask