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Next Meeting

Date {{{MONTH}}} {{{DAY}}}, {{{YEAR}}}
Time {{{TIME}}} UTC
Location #{{{CHANNEL}}}[?]

Agenda for Next Meeting

  • Roll call
  • New member introductions
  • Community announcements
    • {{{announcements1}}}
    • {{{announcements2}}}
    • {{{announcements3}}}
  • Tasks from past week
    • {{{tasks1}}}
    • {{{tasks2}}}
    • {{{tasks3}}}
  • New items
    • {{{new_items1}}}
    • {{{new_items2}}}
    • {{{new_items3}}}
  • Open Floor

Hosting a meeting

  • Follow our agenda (see above) or use this guide for tips on running an effective meeting.
  • Meeting chair responsibilities:
    • Prior to meeting
    1. Update Next Meeting page with this template
    2. Send out reminder
    3. Update next meeting agenda, if necessary
    • After meeting
    1. Send out logs
    2. Update Wiki page with logs
    3. Prepare next meeting agenda


Copy this into the Next Meeting page. Leave fields blank if not needed.

Required Fields are written in CAPITAL LETTERS.