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* [ Flock, 2016, Poland]
* [ Flock, 2016, Poland]
* [ Fedora Council Subproject Report: Diversity Team (April 2017)]
* [ Fedora Council Subproject Report: Diversity Team (April 2017)]
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Amita Sharma
Amita Sharma
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Hey! I am SQA (tester) from India, excited about Fedora QA, Fedora diversity, people and events. I am a tester for 389 as my day job. I am also contributing in Fedora QA and Fedora diversity . After contributing to the Diversity Team for around 2 years, I got the opportunity to represent the team as the Diversity Representative on the Fedora Council. My Blog

Presence in Fedora

I've been involved with Fedora project since 2011. I'm part of the Fedora QA and diversity team, mostly directing my efforts on 389. There are lot many people who wants to contribute but don't know from where and how to start and needs guidance, specially when it comes to testing. Many young brilliant brains in colleges, techie but shy women, people who don't know any programming but want to contribute..there is huge crowd actually. I want to communicate and present how one can contribute in Fedora to this crowd. I'm interested to write about Fedora and involving more people (specially women) in Fedora. These are projects in which I am currently contributing/interested to contribute ::