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Bert Desmet

Bert Desmet

Hello, my name is Bert Desmet, I am 22years old and I live in Belgium, Kruishoutem, near Ghent.

My first encounter with Linux (red hat) was when I was 14years old. My nephew installed Red Hat on our old family computer, and I used it for surfing and chatting. I only really started with Linux recently, when I started college. I knew what was out there, and seeing that (almost) only Windows is used at my college got me going. I knew there were alternatives, and I followed the IT courses. So I wanted to prove my professors Linux is a valid alternative.

I started in the community in January 2009, and I haven't got a moment of regret yet. I help out where I can, but my primary role is being an Ambassador, and being the spins wrangler for the fedora spins sig. I am also always available to assist with Fedora problems.


  • Email: bert AT devnox DOT be
  • Language: Dutch, English and a little bit French
  • Location: Kruishoutem, Belgium
  • Website: blog
  • IRC: biertie @ freenode: fedora, fedora-ambassadors, fedora-docs, fedora-devel, fedora-meeting, fedora-social, fedora-unity
  • GPG key: 0x228a0ba4427147bd
  • Fedora Account: biertie

Activities within Fedora

  • Ambassador
  • I've been promoting Linux and Fedora to other people since 2004.
  • beta testing Fedora
  • Spins Wrangler
  • organising events
    • none atm

Activities outside Fedora, but related to Linux, FOSS

Events I am planning to attend

Events I attended