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Welcome ! / Bienvenidos ! / Benvenuti !

I am a new volunteer to the Fedora Project. I am definitely a relentless advocate for open source and have specific goals in pursuing increased exposure and wider adoption of Fedora across all demographics.

I use my nickname on this project, however, my full name is Mario Juliano Grande Balletta.

I plan to co-sponsor and host Fedora centric events in the USA, Italy and Argentina. Hopefully, with the guidance and support from veterans and senior members, who can assist me and help me conform to the project's guidelines and expectations when publicizing Fedora, I will be able to contribute to exposing Fedora to organizations and individuals.

I sincerely look forward to working hard with as many volunteers as possible and develop new friendships with open source enthusiasts, fellow advocates and engineers.

My apologies for starting with a simplistic page, I will add more content as soon as I have more free time. Thank you for visiting!

"Fedora, always on, and always on top, like a real hat!"

fedora sumus, et oderint dum metuant!