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Corey Sheldon

File:Https:// Portrait.jpeg

Background Info:

I am a 30yo Former USMC Aviation Specialist turned IT consultant

Contributions To Fedora (and linux in general)

I am slowly learning the ropes in mirroring and kernel devel/ packaging

Presently assist in IRC under the nick Corey84

Presently helping to establish an official University mirror at George Mason University GMU

Working on a startup venture, aimed at 1) creating a OOTB secure, scalable, modular laptop with many features tailored to several user spaces: Github:Ameridea/SkunkWorks

Some places to find me:

Google + Google +

Github Github:linux-modder

Blog: linux-modder's corner , linux-modder's Corner Fedora Feed

-- Corey Sheldon Talking no limit as a limitation and helping wherever I can (talk) 17:25, 26 January 2015 (UTC)