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Chris Weyl

Sponsor, random packager, part of the rabble :) I maintain a bunch of packages, most of them perl. If you note something wrong/wanted/etc, please don't hesitate to send me an email or open a bug against the package.

Like what I'm doing? Feel free to check out my Amazon wishlist :)

My Pages

Pages under the ChrisWeyl namespace.


Pending Packaging

Packages I'm contemplating creating and submitting for review, when I find the time. Feel free to drop me a note if you'd rather ;)

CPAN modules:

  • SNMP-Info
  • POE/DBI distributions
  • MusicBrainz::Client and ::Queries (the better to make a perl mkcue with)
  • POE::Component::Enc::Ogg, POE::Component::Enc::Flac, POE::Component::Enc::Mp3, POE::Component::CD::Detect, POE::Component::CD::Rip
  • php pear Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer


  • mediawiki-ldap patch