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Biographical Information

  • Name: Matthew Daniels
  • Occupation: Undergraduate Physics Major
  • Hometown: Charleston, SC
  • Current Residence: Clemson, SC
  • Starting Actively Working in Fedora Project: September 2008


  • Linux
  • Martial Arts
    • Kempo
    • Cuong Nhu
    • Kung Fu
    • Tai Chi
  • Science!
    • Physics
    • Mathematics
  • Camping & Backpacking
  • Programming
    • Perl
    • Java
    • C

Goals in Fedora Project

As of now, I have only joined the Documentation Project, and have some future plans for the Ambassador Project. In the future, when I'm more proficient with coding and with Unix philosophy, I'd also like to get involved with coding for Fedora.

Basically, I joined the Fedora project because I wanted to give back. Linux has been great to me over the years, and now it's time for me to be great for it. If anybody has any projects they think I could work on (that I'm not already involved in), please let me know!

Contact Info

  • 'Email: danielsmw (at) gmail <dot> com
  • IRC: danielsmw, but not always online