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Dario Faggioli

Hi, I'm Dario and I've first used Fedora back at the times of Fedora Core 6. After that, I stayed on Debian (and still am, for one of my machines), and came back here a couple of years ago, when I installed Fedora (it was 16 at the time) and put a Fedora sticker on my laptop... And they both are still there!

For everything else:


  • Email:
  • IRC: dariof, and I usually hang out in #virt and #fedora-it
  • GPG key ID: 4DC83AC4 (Fingerprint 2A78 AD5D B9CF A082 0836 08AD 9385 DA04 4DC8 3AC4)
  • Fedora Account: dariof

Activities within Fedora

Apart from being a very happy Fedora user, on my personal laptop, I try to keep an eye on how well the Xen Open Source hypervisor works on Fedora, and do my best to help the maintainers of the involved packages to sort out bugs when they pop out.

For instance, check out the wiki page and blog post I prepared for the last Virtualization Test Day, in order to ease testing Xen on Fedora as much as possible.

Finally, I'm helping (well, starting to help right now) the Free Media Program.