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Lars Delhage

Lars Delhage.png


  • Email: delhage AT <this domain>
  • IRC: delhage on freenode (#rhel, #fedora, #fedora-ambassadors, #rhn, #rhn-satellite,, #centos, #selinux, #xen, #ubuntu-se and more.)
  • GPG key ID: 569492FE
  • Fedora Account: delhage [| Fedora Account System]
  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Activities within Fedora

  • Ambassadors: Spreading the word about free software and Fedora.
  • Helping out on IRC.


  • I've recently joined BugZappers and hope to start helping out there real soon.
  • I'm also planning on doing a class or two in Fedora Classroom.
  • I've been thinking of joining DocsProject and/or L10N if I can find the time.