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Jukka Palander

Hi. I am a Fedora user and first got to know Linux since Slackware 0.96 was released. After few years I started to go towards Linux systems again and since I have used RH 7 and 9, Fedora 3, 5, 7, 9 and now 11. Also I am familiar with Ubuntu (couple of latest editions). I started my "computer age" in the beginning of 80's using Aquarius, Amstrad and C32VIC + C64 (and Commodore PET!) and then professionally got involved briefly with systems like Digital PDP 10-30 and 11-30, VAX-VMS etc. I still remember very well when we got first IBM PC in the company where I worked those days..

Professionally I am in software development business running my own company, IT Development Spain, in southern Spain. I am myself fluent with C/C++, PHP (and databases/SQL such as MySQL etc..).


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