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|REAL-NAME= Tummala Dhanvi
|REAL-NAME= Tummala Dhanvi
|location= Kollam, India
|location= India
|fas-name= dhanvi
|fas-name= dhanvi
|birthday=March 17
|email=dhanvi [at] fedoraproject [dot] org
|email=dhanvicse [at] gmail [dot] com
|email=dhanvicse [at] gmail [dot] com
= About Me =
* Hello I am Tummala Dhanvi (call me dhanvi / c0mrad3) I have recently joined the [ Fedora CommOps (Community Operations) team].
* I am a FREEdom software lover and would like to contribute to the same. I have recently started contributing to Fedora and need to fix atleast few bugs!
* I am [ Cyber Security Enthusiast] who regularly take part in [ CTF's].
* I am a [ Mozillian] and one of their [ core contributors].
* Active member of [ FOSS@Amrita] here is my [ profile]. 
* I am also a team member of the Debian-Ruby packaging team (
* I also write [ articles] about FOSS in OSFY(Open Source For You) in my free time.
* I am an computer science graduate currently in my 3rd year at [ Amrita University]
= Contact =
* Feel free to email-me at dhanvicse (at) and this is the best way to contact me :) 
* Or ping in IRC nick c0mrad3 is my nick and c0mrad3_ is my bouncer so if you ping my bouncer don't expect a quick reply but I will reply quickly if you ping c0mrad3
* I use diaspora with account here is my profile
* GNU Social on
* I also use Telegram with the username c0mrad3
* If you use signal my phone number is +91 8113076069
* If you use the good old xmpp then I can be found in with the nick c0mrad3 and account
* I tweet using the account
* If you are a fan of Google+ then follow me at
* I also share my photos under CC0 at
* Here is my Facebook Profile
* If you want to connect with me Professionally you can connect with me on Linkedin
* You can find my other Profiles at
= Interests =
* CommOps
* Fedora Ambassador
* Fedora Security
* Fedora Docs
* * (Yes it's a wild card, I am interested in everything in Fedora)

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Tummala Dhanvi
Personal information
Location: India
E-mail: dhanvicse [at] gmail [dot] com

Fedora-specific information
FAS name: dhanvi
Fedora e-mail:
Fedora homepage: