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Alexander Chalikiopoulos

I am currently following a Bsc Molecular Lifesciences at Wageningen University & Research Center.

I have been using linux since 4 years now and after trying Fedora products (core 4, 5 and 6) briefly and without succes in the past, last summer Yaakov convinced me to try Fedora 9. Since then I have used Fedora on my workstation and I am very impressed by the community behind the distribution and would like to contribute to it in the future.

In my spare time I like to work on video-art at concerts and parties and I am currently involved with the developers of in enhancing their FreeJ software.

I also work for a dutch company called OGD (Operator Group Delft) where I met Jeroen at two workshops he organized (software packaging and OGD's two-day Advanced Linux Course). I plan to get my LPIC-I and II certificates next year and if I continue to work there I might apply for RHCE in the future.


  • Email:
  • IRC: 'dreamer' on a variety servers and channels. Among others #fedora-nl, #fedora-science and #fedora-multimedia on Freenode.
  • Fedora Account: Dreamer

Activities within Fedora

For now I'm just lurking and getting oriented, but I plan to package and test science/chemistry and multimedia (FreeJ) related software.

I am also gcing to be an Ambassador for Fedora within the Netherlands at events such as HAR2009.