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|REAL-NAME= Frankie Onuonga
|REAL-NAME= Frankie Onuonga
|HOME= NBI , KENYA (at the moment)
|HOME= NBI , KENYA (at the moment)
|image= FrankieOnuonga.jpg
|birthday= 05.05.1988
|birthday= 05.05.1988
|FAS-NAME= frankieonuonga
|FAS-NAME= Onuonga
|gpg= 7DB543E6
|homepage= none but check out all my other social media pages
|homepage= none but check out all my other social media pages
|blog= something I have not even started doing but will get to it soon
|blog= something I have not even started doing but will get to it soon
||irc-nick= frankieonuonga
||irc-nick= onuonga
|irc-channels=#fedora-admin #fedora-meeting #fedora-buildsys
|irc-channels=#fedora-qa #fedora-meeting  
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== Other Contacts ==
== Other Contacts ==
* '''MSN''': (rarely used, you can guess why)
* '''Twitter''':FrankieOnuonga
* '''Twitter''':FrankieOnuonga
* '''Skype''': frankie.onuonga
* '''irc(freenode)''':Onuonga
* '''GPG key''': [2013-07-18 [expires: 2013-11-15]  7DB543E6]
* '''Key fingerprint''': DAA5 8A30 CDF7 E90A 52C2  AF87 3D95 6592 7DB5 43E6
* '''Mobile Phone''': +254788348198
* '''Google''':Frankie.Onuonga
* '''irc(freenode)''':FrankieOnuonga
== Activities within Fedora ==
== Activities within Fedora ==
=== Infrastructure  ===
=== Infrastructure  ===

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Frankie Onuonga
[[Image:{{{image}}}|thumb|center|Frankie Onuonga]]
Personal Information
Birthday: 05.05.1988
Home: NBI , KENYA (at the moment)
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: Onuonga
Miscellaneous Information
Private Mail: {{{pmail}}}
GPG-Key: {{{gpg}}}
IRC: onuonga on in
#fedora-qa #fedora-meeting
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About Me

My name is Frankie Onuonga. I am a student currently undertaking my Bachelor of science studies in computer science and mathematics.

I have been using Linux for approximately 7 years now going and coming back from time to time. I have finally decided to get a machine to dedicate to Linux development. I now have something small that I have put fedora Linux on and customizing it to suit my needs.

I am also a package maintainer on GNU for quickthreads which is a thread management library. More information can be found on my slides and code on my github page.

I am not contributing back to the community through some code and hopefully will be able to get others onto the fun fair.

I am now part of the fedora infrastructure team.

I am mostly going in two hours every day to commit code amongst other things.

Other Contacts

  • Twitter:FrankieOnuonga
  • irc(freenode):Onuonga

Activities within Fedora


  • contributing to make things work way better and smoother. Simply said I am "the chef " of things and I love it.
    • Working along with other developers to correct errors in .planet files of users.
    • Some include missing information and some are wrong information structure.
    • A lot of cool stuff to let me into the basics of logging in remotely and editing stuff.
    • Also bug reporting and management.

Release Engineering

Working on a Koji which is the current build system. Change of design to make it better for users to use . Also trying to build a new system along the side for users to use in the long term(Copr). Adding multiple features that should make the system easier to use, more secure amongst many other features.

Cloud Computing

A whole load of learning which is fun
-Maintenance on cloud init to make it work prefectly on fedora.
-Porting from Ubuntu to Fedora
-Learning a lot about dependency and how to make them less.

On the 28th October 2013 I was elected into the Fedora Cloud working group. I assist in various tasks within the group.

Mirror team

Building a local mirror in Nairobi Kenya to allow content to be pushed much faster to end users. Working on some algorithms to enable the mirror to be slightly faster (Still in research).