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Zied Fakhfakh

Fedora Ambassador for Tunisia, North Africa.


  • Email: [[MailTo(fzied AT fedoraproject DOT org)]
  • IRC: zydoon on #fedora-tunisia
  • GPG key: D2F4EE8C
  • Fedora Account: fzied
  • Location: Tunis , Tunisia

Activities within Fedora

  • Fedora 10 Release Party in Tunisia, 2008-12-13 at INSAT (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées et de Technologie) More info.
  • Fedora 8 launch day in Tunisia: with the help of the same ambassadors NihedMbarek and ChihebChabchoub, we animated the fedora launch day. It was our first fedora only related event. see photos FedoraLaunchDay2007
  • With the help of other Ambassadors (NihedMbarek and ChihebChabchoub), we made a stand for Fedora in SFD 2007 celebration in Tunisia.