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Glen Rundblom
Glen Rundblom ({{{pronouns}}})
Personal information
Location: Champaign IL
Birthday: Dec X 19XX

Fedora-specific information
FAS name: Grundblom
Fedora e-mail:
Fedora homepage:

About Me

Hello, my name is Glen Rundblom. I have been a system administrator and engineer for 18 years. Most of those were supporting Microsoft Windows commercial infrastructure. I have changed my career focus and now support Linux in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I enjoy learning and wish to contribute to the Fedora Project. This is the first open source project I have ever worked on, so please excuse my awkward moments!

In 2007 I left World of Warcraft to work on myself. Since then I graduated from Franklin University with a B.S. In Information Technology and lost 150 pounds. I still work out and currently training to run a 5k

I enjoy speaking, writing, teaching, reading, music, short-wave radio, AM-Dxing, exploring, and most of all... doing new things!

I am excited at the opportunity to contribute to such a great project. Thank you for having me.


  • To help others.
  • Give back to the community.
  • Learn more about Linux and Fedora technically, and operationally on how an open source project operates.
  • Become as technically proficient in Linux as I am in Windows.
  • Learn and Document of using Fedora for audio recording and musical collaboration

Get a hold of me

  • I don't have any IM accounts really, I am working on getting this fixed.