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Task for volunteers

Complexity: approx. 20h

Contact person: Honza Horak <hhorak AT>

Description: Get familiar with DevAssistant project and implement a new assistant for Python CLI. This assistant would be used when somebody wants to implement a new CLI tool written in Python 3.

This assistant should work similar to Python lib assistant, but result should be a mockup application in Python, not library. This simple application should:

  • include and other usual Python project files (this should install one script into standard Python 3 directory with one entry script in /usr/bin)
  • parse example arguments from the command-line (it should use some library for that; example arguments have longer and shorter variant)
  • read from stdin or file if the last argument is file
  • prints some output into stdout, unless -o option is specified
  • optionally the mockup application could include dynamically loaded modules, so it would be easily extensible