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statistics++: Making Fedora Project data accessible
Ian Weller, Red Hat, Inc.

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This project aims to solve the following problems:

  • Data on the Statistics wiki page can only be generated and validated by those who have access to Fedora log servers.
  • Data on the Statistics wiki page requires a human to generate the data each week.
  • Data on the Statistics wiki page does not encompass all infrastructure applications.
  • Data on the Statistics wiki page can be modified by anybody who can edit the wiki.
  • To generate data for other infrastructure applications (such as FAS, Koji, Bodhi, and other applications), separate code has to be written for each application in order to download data.

To solve these problems, statistics++ will have the following functionality:

  • Open, read-only access to any anonymized data collected by infrastructure applications
  • A standard RESTful API for downloading data
  • Flexible schemas for storing and retrieving data from infrastructure applications
  • Live updates of statistical data from infrastructure applications
  • An interface for creating automated queries and representing data in tables or charts



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