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== IFo ==
Real Name: Ivelin Krasimirov Dzhantov <br />
Birth: 06.08.1990 <br />
Sex: Male <br />
Language: Bulgarian <br />
== Contact me ==
FAS Account: [ ifo] <br />
E-mail: or <br />
IRC: Acidcore at Freenode at #fedora #fedora-ambassadors and ##fedora-mktg <br />
GPG Key: 255D78C0 & Key Fingerprint: b7:cf:e3:81:14:02:d6:e1:7b:2c:db:20:69:40:51:89
== Contribution in Fedora Project ==
Waiting for approval at [ Fedora Ambassadors]
== Interests ==
Just starting with PHP5 <br />
Knowledge in some basic scripting languages <br />
Computers <br />
Technology <br />
Music (Metal, Grindcore, Gothic, Industrial, EBM and Darkwave.) <br />
I am learning to play Guitar but I want to play a Bass Guitar too <br />
Free and Open Source Software <br />
Linux <br />
Fedora <br />
Game Development <br />
OpenGL <br />
Big fan of DIY and Case Modding

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