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Who Am I

My name is Ilyes Gouta and I'm a Senior Software Engineer. I'm originally from Sousse and work in Tunis. Tunis/Sousse


I've been seriously using Fedora since the Fedora Core 5 days, however I've started experiencing with Linux since the RedHat 5 and Mandrake 7 days which came with the early KDE 1.1 desktop and Qt 1.44 libraries. I ran them on an IBM Aptiva with Pentium II 266 MHz and 48 Mb of RAM at that time. Throughout the time I had the opportunity to try out many distributions such as SuSE, Debian and more recently Ubuntu but for some reasons I kept going back to RedHat and then Fedora when it forked from the paid version. I like Fedora because it has been always a distribution that comes with bleeding-edge software and that has a very solid community supporting it. You get all the tools, software and kernel configured properly to start doing what you do. My main interest being software development and kernel hacking, I find that Fedora supported well my needs.


I strongly participated in the development of a couple device drivers m560x-driver for the ALi M5602 and M5603C based webcams. These are USB bridges to a variety of sensors and someone had to step up to get them working under Linux. I wrote also a V4L2 user-space companion program livecam that helped a lot debugging the driver.


I attended a couple of Software Freedom Events performed here in Tunis. I found that my home town, Sousse, wasn't fairly represented so I decided to become a Fedora Ambassador.


  • E-mail: ilyes.gouta -AT- gmail -DOT- com
  • IRC: breaker19