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Talk about starting the new year with some new people to help out?

Top 3 Highlights

* Reduce the ticket backlog from 22 active tickets down to almost zero. Mainly due to the hard work of tibbs and our new members: orionp, tomspur and mbooth
* Approved the first policy using the new weak and reverse weak deps. Package-x-generic-16.pngrpm packaging features.
* Big Package-x-generic-16.pngpython guidelines changes for easy of use, clarifications for applications vs. modules, and py2/py3 migrations.

Make it a top N ?

* Bundling guidelines overhaul? It was big, but we were all mostly against it ... so?
* sysv init scripts are now banned?
* Per product defaults? First time service setup?
* PKCS#11 policy?
* git hosting, and non-version usage cleanup?
* Use of cross distro. compat. macros. in specfiles now upto the maintainer?

Top Goal(s) for 2016



Talk about highlights?