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* '''GPG key''': N/A
* '''GPG key''': N/A
* '''Fedora Account''': jvlomax
* '''Fedora Account''': jvlomax
* '''Blog''':
* '''Blog''': [ /dev/null]
== Activities within Fedora ==
== Activities within Fedora ==

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Jørn 'george' Lomax

I'm a second year CS student at the unviersity of Tromsø. There the kind professors have thought us assembly (the x86 kind), c and python, and I would say I'm proficient in all of them. I also do android development for fun, though I have not released any big apps yet, but one is just around the corner. As a consequence of this, I have taken a liking to java, though i would still consider myself a beginner in it. In my spare time I also like to play the guitar and I'm also dedicated to practising Taekwondo


  • Email:
  • IRC: Lurimax/LurimaxOnPhone
  • GPG key: N/A
  • Fedora Account: jvlomax
  • Blog: /dev/null

Activities within Fedora

GSoC applicant and hopefully helping to develop the Fedora audio spin

Other programming activities

At univeristy the projects we have completed (among others) so far are:

  • Creating a simple spam filter from scratch
  • (re)created breakout in python and pygame
  • Created a boids algorithm in python (with graphics)
  • Labyrinth solver using djikstra
  • Miniature OS (current project until summer)

For obvious reasons, I can't release the code for these, as there are students who will have the same projects later. You can only take my word for it ;)