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DaviTenorío Souza -Kausdev was born in 1980 in the city of São Paulo and currently lives in the city of Macaws (inteirior São Paulo) with his wife and children. My first contact was technology in the late 90s, when I just started working in 1996 as an intern at a company MANTAIN in electronics telecommunication RF, SSPA, PA, LNA, LNB for TV channels. And contact with assembler programming low level, this was awakening of learning, But most contact was working in the area of ​​safety equipment surveillance equipment where 24hrs Recording was with architecture and linux distributions were not clear cut, then each was new learning. And currently study at the institution FHO-Uniararas, Bachelors in Information Systems. and where I opened a range of knowledge and in the meantime a friend presented me with usb install Fedora, as was already testing some other and not me just completed installing and today I am here In addition to being an enthusiastic Linux Fedora User one to one rather Fedora Ambassador where do today say that better distribution and more complete. Funny to say, that you adpta if the distribution you use. But with Fedora and differente and he that ADTA needs.


I'm creating goals within the fedora would not have in any other operating system. And I'm here to learn what to teach,but always be open to all those interested on Fedora

Slintsoftware Livre interiorIn the city of Araras São Paulo-Brazil(ongoing)

  • Fedora Team Brazil
  • Would-be Ambassadors Fedora Brasil
  • Translation Team

    • Electronic technician
    • Telecommunications technician (repairs and maintenance other than erospace equipment)
    • Programming Basics, C,C++,C#,Pyntho,
    • Studying Bachelor of Systems Useful Information
    • Always Seeking Knowledge New Challenges