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David Nalley

  • Name: David Nalley
  • Email:
  • IRC: ke4qqq on freenode
  • Location: Liberty, SC, USA (about 30 minutes outside of Greenville, SC)
  • GPG KeyID: 0xE70D2357
  • GPG Key Fingerprint: 7D6C 0645 3BB5 5313 977F 9193 988F E70D 2357
  • Fedora Talk extension: 5100435

My $dayjob is as a systems administrator in Liberty, SC. I work for Confluence Water Sports

With Fedora I am involved in the following groups:

  • Ambassadors - I am currently one of the NA Regional Ambassador Coordinators and a member of FAmSCo
  • Docs Project - Write a release notes beat and trying to help mentor students generating Fedora Documentation as coursework
  • Marketing
  • Fedora-OLPC SIG - Doing more recruiting new contributors than anything, though I suppose I should package something.
  • BugZappers - It's actually relaxing to do bug triaging I've found - akin to popping bubblewrap.

If your LUG or other group has need of a speaker and you are in NC, SC, or GA, or Eastern TN, please don't hesitate to contact me, I'd be happy to present some of the interesting things happening with the Fedora Project, or help conduct an installfest. I am a steering committee member of the Upstate Carolina Linux Users Group . I occasionally post to my tech related blog .