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Kirk Ziegler

  • Occupation: Retired/Handyman business owner
  • Current Residence: South Ogden, Utah
  • Starting Actively Working in Fedora Project: February 2009
  • Learning Linux
  • Writing articles and short stories
  • Sailing
  • Stained glass

What I do in Fedora Project

I currently help write the Fedora User Guide. Right now I'm just learning about all that Fedora has to offer and hope to become a useful contributor to the Fedora Community.

How I Got Here

I got so frustrated with Windows Vista that I started reading about Linux. I really liked that it could be configured to dual-boot with windows. I downloaded Fedora, PCLinux, and Ubuntu live cds. I liked Fedora the best, so I called in some expert help. It turned out that the expert didn't know much more about partitioning than I do, which is almost non-existent. To my horror, I ended up with only Fedora on my machine. But after a few days realized that it really was a blessing. I had trouble installing my HP Laserjet but got help from the forum and my built-in webcam still doesn't work, but I've never used it anyway. I still like the feel of everything working as it should, being able to easily shutdown stalled programs, fast boot and more waiting for Windows to do it's work. I never did figure out why Vista would be working away and lockup, then unlock, ...what the Hell was it doing? Now, I could care less.

My friends and family all think I'm nuts but I know they'll change to Linux sooner than later, because I'm not going to shut-up about it's virtues. Of course the other distros are fine too, just depends on one's personal preference. I like Fedora because it feels uncluttered and more flexible than the others I tried. My daughter likes Ubuntu so she's running it on her computer.

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