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*[ L10N (localization) Project]
*[ L10N (localization) Project]
*[ Documentation Project]
*[ Documentation Project]
*As translator, make sure that my work is clear, precise and understandable, both for the experienced users and for those who are just getting to know this distribution.
*As a team coordinator, ensure the rest of the translators have access to any information or materials needed to do our job properly: publish modifications, inform updates or new features, provide reference material, answer all questions related to our work, etc.
*As a technical writer, provide comprehensive documentation about the various aspects in the use of Fedora, focusing on the end user and trying to cover all the imaginable difficulties that may arise during its use.
*Have it fully translated into Spanish.
*Generate and organize as much information as possible, to make this OS available to as many people as possible.


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about me

  • Name: Daniel Cabrera
  • Fedora Account: logan
  • Language: Spanish, English
  • Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Time zone: BA, CF (UTC-3)
  • Current occupations: Free lance journalist / photographer.

about fedora

Member of:


  • Email: logan AT fedoraproject DOT org
  • IRC: _logan on freenode



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To import my key:

gpg --keyserver --recv-key 0x4EBD0B94