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about me

Name: Hector Daniel Cabrera

Language: Spanish, English

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

College degree: B.A. in Philosophy (going for), Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Current occupations:

  • Free lance journalist / photographer.

about fedora

Member of:


  • Have it fully translated into Spanish.
  • Organize the information so users can easily find everything.


Email: logan AT fedoraproject DOT org

IRC: _logan on freenode



[me@mycomputer ~] $ gpg --fingerprint
pub   2048R/3A230DF1 2010-12-28 [expires: 2011-12-28]
     Key fingerprint = 58B7 67CA CCCE 6A14 FA21  E2C6 3673 E334 3A23 0DF1
uid                  Hector Daniel Cabrera (logan) <>
sub   2048R/4233FF1C 2010-12-28 [expires: 2011-12-28]

To import my key:

gpg --keyserver --recv-key 0x4233FF1C