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= '''Leonardo Menezes Vaz''' =
<!-- [[Image:lvaz.jpg|right]]-->
My first contact with FOSS was back in 1998 when I had Red Hat 5.1 installed in my old Pentium 100Mhz. Currently I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil where I work as a Software Maintenance Engineer on local filesystems for Red Hat.

== Contact information ==
* '''FAS Account User:''' lmvaz
* '''Email:'''
* '''IRC:''' lvaz at #fedora and #fedora-br
* '''GPG Key ID:''' A4743E5C at
== Activities within Fedora ==
* Currently I'm a Fedora Ambassador trying to spread out the word in my free time
* I'm managing time to help on local filesystems QA and development in Fedora

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