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About me

To be filled in later.

Mark And Max braindump notes

It started when Max posted his concerns on this blog post which sparked me to make up better ways, mock them up in images and show them to Max. That resulted in a face to face meeting. One of the things we discussed where possible improvements for then mainly the get-fedora page. We both agreed that the current way wasn't really user friendly for beginning fedora users and could be a lot more attractive for them. We discussed the mockups i created for the main and get-fedora page and he agreed on both to be more user friendly then the current way. All that had to be done was refine the ideas, get the guess work (if any) out as much as possible and make a proposal in the fedora websites list. That refining is right now and me being a fas member now is part of that.

Max and i also looked at some other distributions to see how they handle downloads. We looked at (as far as i remember): Fedora, OpenSuse, Mandriva and Ubuntu. Here where the conclusions that i still remember:


No clear direct place to download it.


Ehm.. where do we need to go?... o there!


Very fancy looking download page. not much useless information on it and fairly strait to the point. We should have something like that or better.


You can't miss the download there! it's right in the header and not something you miss. We both saw this as a very clear and fast way to download it but is it nice? We didn't think so.

Our conclusion

You can actually read the conclusion in the Mandriva section. We both liked it and thought that fedora should have something like that as well. Or with that kind of simplicity. actual quote of max if i remember right: "Why didn't we think of that".

Mockups for a improved fedora

Get Fedora

Main fedora page

Other possible improvements for fpo as mockups