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Layout A

If desired, we could put it on bottom instead of on top of the screen. The panel should be 24px to correctly show 16px icons.

Included applets:

  • Applications Menu
    • Needs to use themed 'start-here' icon to show the fedora logo
    • We should drop the 'Menu' part— Optically separates the applet in two, provides unnecessary information
    • Does the label translate correctly?
  • Switcher
    • Use only two desktops to not occupy too much precious space, plus 2 seems to have default for quite a while on [Gnome] Desktop Spin (before Gnome Shell)
  • Window Buttons
    • Extend to fill the whole available area
  • System Tray
  • Mixer
    • Should handle pulseaudio's master channel, show pavucontrol on click
    • Shown after system tray, users are getting used to it being actually status icon rather than applet
  • Clock
    • Use DateTime, show only time, layout is horrible when date is shown alongside time