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= DotNet Special Interest Group =
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The DotNet SIG is a group of Fedora contributors that maintain dotnet (and related) packages in Fedora.
=== Mission ===
The goal of this group is to help to anyone interested in dotnet and to support others in creating and maintaining dotnet packages.
=== Contact ===
[ #fedora-dotnet] channel on Freenode IRC
[] mailing list
[ pagure] - issue tracking
== Members ==
* [[User:Rhea|Radka Janek (Rhea)]]
== Joining the SIG ==
Should you wish to join the dotnet team, send self-introduction to our [ mailing list], join our IRC channel ([ #fedora-dotnet]) When that's done, apply for the [ FAS group], and once you're accepted you should add yourself to the list of members on this page. Continue reading for more details!
=== Self-introduction ===
* Are you new to contributing to Fedora? If so, tell us why are you interested in contributing to Fedora or what interests you about the Project.
* Already a contributor? Share what other areas of Fedora you are working in and your role in the Project.
* What's your background and experience with dotnet?
* How can we can help YOU get started?
=== Join the FAS group ===
* [ This one!]
=== Edit the Wiki ===
* Create your own user page if you don't have one yet. (Feel free to check our other members for example.)
* Add yourself to the list of members on this page.
{{admon/tip|Use [ Fedora Account System] to login and edit the wiki.}}
{{admon/tip|If you are a new FAS member, you may not be able to edit wiki pages until you are CLA+1. If you are unable to edit wiki pages, please do this step after joining a group. (''[ More info]'') }}
{{admon/tip|Use any of the [[Template:Userpage/Infobox|Infobox]] or [[Template:Userpage/Infobox2|Infobox2]] templates to record your essential Fedora info.}}
== Links ==
[ Get dotnet for Fedora]
[ .NET Core API Reference]
[ dotnet github]

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