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== About me ==
[[File:Sbueno_flock_av.jpg |thumb||Flock 2014 in Prague, CZ]]
I'm a part of the [[Anaconda|Anaconda]] team at Red Hat. Specifically, my work tends to focus on support for secondary architectures ([[Architectures/s390x|s390x]], [[Architectures/PowerPC|PowerPC]]) and text UI.
Prior to coming to Red Hat, I was a Linux sysadmin at an engineering school. My work there involved service migration/consolidation, automating and customizing kickstart installs, packaging custom RPMs and learning an awful lot about package management, making various tweaks to the security policy, and a small amount of identity management.
Non-work interests of mine include SELinux, modular origami, writing, breakfast, and Star Trek.
== Contact ==
== Contact ==
* '''Email''': sbueno at redhat dot com
* '''Email''': sbueno at redhat dot com
* '''IRC''': sbueno on freenode
* '''IRC''': sbueno on liberachat
* '''Fedora Account''': sbueno
* '''Fedora Account''': sbueno
* '''Time Zone''': EST5EDT
* '''Time Zone''': EST/EDT.
* '''Location''': Cambridge, MA

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  • Email: sbueno at redhat dot com
  • IRC: sbueno on liberachat
  • Fedora Account: sbueno
  • Time Zone: EST/EDT.