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Kévin Raymond

Kevin Raymond here, Shaiton there, Geek everywhere!

R&D Embedded Software Engineer, I have also studied Electrical & Electronics Eng.


  • Email: shaitontm [_AT_] gmail [_DOT_] com
  • Gpg-key: A5BCB3A2
  • Fedora Account: Shaiton
  • Fedora-fr Account: KevinRaymond

Activities within Fedora

  • I am going to help documentation and localzation (french)
  • I really want to help people for trying Linux (Fedora, of course)
  • I am particularly interested of software developpment, but I'll see how projects are going on.
  • Fedora user since 2006 (Fedora Core 6)
  • Fedora fan since 2006