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Tadej Janež

Email: tadej.janez AT

IRC nick: tjanez (Freenode). Usually hanging out in #fedora-devel, #fedora-python and #fedora-stacks.

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia (UTC+1, +2 during summer)


Activities within the Fedora Project

I've been a Fedora user since its first release. Before that I used Red Hat Linux. I switched to it full-time during the 7.2 release cycle (2001). My self-introduction to the Fedora community dates back to Jan 18, 2004.

Currently, I'm the maintainer of PyQwt, python-pebl, techne, billiards and python-meliae. I'm a co-maintainer of ode.

One of my goals is to make Fedora the preferred platform for software development and deployment in any language or application stack. To this end, I'm working within the Environment and Stacks Working Group and currently also serving as its voting member.

My main skill is Python, hence I'm a member of the Python SIG.

I've also participated in the Fedora test days involving GNOME, Power management, Virtualization and Graphics (X Test Week).

I'm a regular bug reporter for a wide range of Fedora packages (list).

Interests within the Fedora Project

  • Help with the development of Fedora packager tools (e.g. FedoraReview, fedpkg, ...).
  • Help with the development of automated QA tools for Fedora (e.g. Taskotron, RpmGrill, ...).
  • Help with the replacement of Python 2 with Python 3 in the default Fedora installation.
  • Package more Python programs in Fedora (especially developer tools and scientific applications).
  • Make Fedora the best distribution for developing new applications (in particular, Python applications) by providing and integrating the best IDEs, editors, debuggers, profilers, SCMs, etc. Also, help with efforts like DevAssistant.
  • Bring Fedora's Python packaging and the upstream PyPI packaging closer together by working on common meta-data, licensing reviews, dependency specifications, etc.

Upstream Community Involvement

  • Machine learning toolkits
    • creator and maintainer of PyMTL, a Python library for Multi-task learning
    • recent converter and contributor to scikit-learn
    • seasoned Orange user and occasional contributor
  • System administration and Virtualization