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* Fedora Ambassador Project
* Fedora Ambassador Project

= Events =
= Fedora Events and Fedora Ambassador =
* 2011

* Fedora 16 (Verne) Release Party [ Fedora 16 Release Party Event]
* Fedora 16 (Verne) Release Party [ Fedora 16 Release Party Event]

[[Category:Ambassadors from Turkey]]
[[Category:Ambassadors from Turkey]]

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Onuralp SEZER

Hello My name is Onuralp SEZER .I I'm student in GaziOsmanPasa University Turkey/Tokat. Personally, I'm 19 years old. I've got technical and non-technical hobbies. Technical hobbies like develop program for fedora, try new programs and system or server system, read new for smart phone especially android :-) . My other hobbies is reading sci-fi,romance,exciting books, listen poems, playing basketball, listen music also swimming.

Professionally,I have ~10 years experience with Linux systems (Fedora,Redhat) and I know C++,C,Java,C# and I've still learn Android language , I'm still student at my university, but I help to other people about fedora and install special programs like Matlab,empire etc.. in other hands I develop programs android and embedded card in University and I installed fedora in private or school computer and configure whatever needed. Now I want to help and contribute and learn new things about fedora I hope I will find to whatever I needed it :-)

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  • Fedora Ambassador Project

Fedora Events and Fedora Ambassador

  • 2011