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|REAL-NAME= Udayendu Kar
|HOME= Bangriposi, Odisha, India-757032
|FAS-NAME= uday288
|irc-nick= Udayendu

== My Activities ==
* Involved in oVirt project for features testing.
* Trying to contribute into the oVirt project.
* Working with KVM based Virtualization technology.
== Future Events ==
* Going to take the following tech talks and hands on sessions.
** Opensource & U ! (talk)
** Fedora in your life (talk)
** Virtualization with KVM (talk + hands-on)
** Build your DataCenter with oVirt (talk + hands-on)
== When and Where ==
* Venue: Seemanta Engineering College, Mayurbhanj, Odisha
* Date: 3rd week of July 2013
* Time: Not Fixed Yet
== Person ==
Udayendu Kar is a B.Tech in Comp.Sc & Engg from Seemanta Engineering College. Presently working with Red Hat Software Services (I) Pvt. Ltd. ([]) as a Virtualization Specialist. Involved in oVirt and KVM projects. Love to do python scripting and interested in SELinux.
== Awards&Certifications ==
* Red Hat Certified Security Specialist
* Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator
* Red Hat Certified Engineer <BR>([;jsessionid=lsFy6K-o7FUFLFREtagIHQ**.9247cfa6?certNumber=100-127-109&isSearch=False&verify=Verify Verify my Redhat Exams] )

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