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Manuel Wolfshant

  • Email: wolfy at fedoraproject dot org
  • ICQ: 42112994
  • YM: wolfy67


  • wolfy on #mumu and #rlug (official channels of the Romanian Linux User Group )
  • wolfy (sometimes alleycat) on freenode

Ex scientific researcher and Windows-programmer in a previous life, ex network admin at one of Romania's top 5 ISPs, I am IT manager at the Romanian branch of an American company.
I am one of the founders of the first Romanian Linux User Group (1999 - more about us can be read in our official wiki (Romanian only, sorry), co-founder of Asociatia Prolinux which is one of the very few ( if not the only) legally registered professional associations promoting Open Source in Romania ; I am one of the ones who take care of the only moderated lists of the RLUG's mailing lists and since 2001 (i.e. since its beginnings) I manage the IRC network of this community.

Here is the list of Fedora packages for which I am the primary maintainer. Except for cfv which I have adopted, all the others have been submitted by me. Here you can see the requests I reviewed, out of which these have been accepted and imported